The suspicion meter of theirs should be

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The suspicion meter of theirs should be

Сообщение Jackey » 30 авг 2021 08:51

The suspicion meter of theirs should be in the range of 6 to 10 but RS gold don't make any assumptions. If the suspicion meter is reading 11 or more it could be an indication that they are an automated bot. It is imperative to immediately notify them in the event that they cause any damage to yourself, which is highly unlikely even if they do receive a high score.

What do you do if you suspect they're bot? First, you should report them. Don't forget to avoid them until they sign off. It is unlikely that they will forget this if they begin talking. Shut any gates or doors that they go through to make OSRS buy gold them feel confused. Drop unwanted items onto the areas they click. This can slow them down and will cause an increase in inventory and, in turn, lead to more bank trips, and less stress for you.

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